International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity

The International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity (HCM) is a peer-reviewed journal that offers a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship in the domain of the humanities. The journal stimulates research and a lively academic exchange in the field of the cultural history of modernity worldwide.

The journal conceives ‘modernity’ as a concept, as a problem, and as a period. The concept is rooted historically in the Enlightenment and its alter ego Romanticism. Modernity involves, on the most abstract level, contested ideas like universalism, cosmopolitanism, authenticity, progress, individuality, equality, reason, identity, aesthetics and religion. Modernity as a topical problem entails a critical discussion of its origins, trajectory, variations and perceived decline, from a global perspective. As a period, modernity essentially but not inevitably covers the years between 1750 and the present. Above all, modernity requires a serious practical effort. The ideas and theories that deal with modernity are not free floating intellectual artefacts: they confront real situations and actual dilemmas.

HCM is the only journal focused on modern cultural history that publishes in open access. It guarantees the rapid publication of articles that meet its high standards of academic quality. Drawing its authors and expertise from all over the world, HCM offers a global perspective of our modern culture and its history.

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No Author Fees:
All author fees (open-access article processing fees) will be waived for the first six years. HCM operates on the basis of subventions from non-political organisations, including the Dutch Research Council.

HCM works with a double-blind peer-reviewing process.

After the reviewing and editing procedure has been successfully completed, HCM immediately pre-publishes its articles.

Two new articles have been added to the latest issue!

Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Against the Anthropocene. A Neo-Materialist Perspective Abstract  PDF
Timothy James LeCain 1-28
Islamic Tradition and Meanings of Modernity Abstract  PDF
Emin Poljarevic 29-57
Back to the Future? History, Material Culture and New Materialism Abstract  PDF
Hans Schouwenburg 59-72
Formations of European Modernity. Cosmopolitanism, Eurocentrism and the Uses of History Abstract  PDF
Patrick Pasture 73-90
Nordic Modernities. From Historical Region to Five Exceptions Abstract  PDF
Jani Marjanen 91-106

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